Sunday, April 22, 2018

Finding Stuff On The Internet

I have at last completed 2 pieces explaining the Slavic libretto by Nicholas Roerich and it is AWESOME.  I had no idea. 

In this process, you would not believe the photos!  I have not been writing lately.  I have no exciting reason. I hope you all miss my acerbic nonsense terribly...

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Feliz Cumpleanos Elizabeth Lopez!

Is that how you say Happy Birthday in Portuguese to a ballerina graceful enough for the classic ballets with an international company...but courageous enough to be one of Nijinsky's Five Minute Survivors?   And she was blessed with the opportunity to perform with the Amsterdam Piano Quartet!

Working on a tribute video to Millicent Hodson with Elizabeth was a PROCESS!!!   Our language barrier made it hard and CNB did not provide her with quality video but we were able to do something special because  she kept every scrap of paper from her rehearsals, every photo, every old program, photos of the "quatro pianos", notes from Millicent and Kenneth, sketches of steps, personal photos.  Like a keepsake.  A treasure chest. 


I have such respect for Elizabeth Lopez for she respected the role and the ballet.  She understood its significance even if her era and company did not.  She is a killer in that circle.  She is an example for every woman who is Chosen. 

(clip of her death scene edited to "Bad Plus")

Happy Birthday and thank you for being part of history!

Love and blessings,


Monday, April 2, 2018

What Are They Supposed To Be?

I see this a lot...a LOT...on my  Joffrey '87 Le Sacre du Printemps uploads.  

It seems your music professors who sent you to watch this have been pillow talking your Russian Culture professors who then cheats on them with the Dance Historian.

First time someone got the jump on a musician in the cheating department.

Regardless, the questions on the costumes and designs are coming fast and also I am getting emails.  A young lady was assigned this video in her humanities class. And because I do not know what that is I have just said "that's fantastic!".

Russian studies sent me a girl who let us know that we won't really appreciate the ballet unless we are Russian or have a great understanding of Russia.   I quietly sent her a note.  I would not insult someone even if they are a dick.  

My channel was built on the clueless who felt drawn to that Joffrey 1987 game-changer. When a person rudely casts a net over we philistines I feel almost certainly that they need to feel superior so badly they go on YouTube and insult people.  The Joffrey '87 in "3 installments" is no place for the false or rude. You can not throw shade on us.  

What some of us lack in academics we more than make up for in depth of feeling and that crowd is well represented on any video of Nijinsky's ballet.  

Once a man commented that I just want to be liked because I agreed with a stupid review.   I responded that there is no stupid review. 

There really is no wrong in art. Dumb and bad, yes...but no wrong.

(photos: Mariinsky, Joffrey, Rome Opera Ballet)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

She's The Worst

Marie Chouinard is a fringe performance artist with a dance company who blew her load (forgive the crudeness) way too soon, has nothing in her bag of trick and is conceptually stuck on "exaggerated chaos of contorting dancers" .

How does this woman get away with it?  When I first saw Body Remix Goldberg Variations I was early on in my search for weird dance and performance.  Somehow I managed to watch this shit show (the first half) and appreciate it.

Also I was going through some stuff.

When I started to look for her on YouTube I saw the same thing over and over.  She is a one-trick pony.  She must have hypnotic power otherwise those dancers would not stay and do this "lather, rinse, repeat" choreography all the way to the Kool-Aid. 

BUT she is without question one of the best insofar as sound and music.  Everything I have watched with rolling eyes I have heard with pricked up ears but it is all for not because Marie Chouinard is the worst.


Neat, huh?

I have been piecing something together and pulled this from the Kinberg/Grimm documentary on the reconstruction I have to finish that sentence? Is that not all I write about? I think this little clip is neat. I had to put my VIMEO channel under my sister's name because I was banned.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Perfect Storm Of 1913

Nicholas Roerich

Igor Stravinsky

Vaslav Nijinsky

Sergei Diaghilev

Man.  It wasn't until I started researching the researchers and tried to research what to put in the research documentary that I (a) have promised people on YouTube and (b) asked Kenneth Archer for a review of it that I realized I am going to finally write a book.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Four Variants: By Request

The Rite of Spring FOUR VARIANTS 2002.  

Should have been TWO VARIANTS.

Naturally Pietragalla is wonderful as the Nijinsky choreography is truly the most important.

And then TERO SAARINEN!  I believe it was the first multi-media performance and the only choreography outside of Nijinsky's worth a shit. I was blown away when I saw this.

Then Pina Bausch.  I don't like it. The only misfire of her career.  So say I.

But the worst of it, the abomination even, was Preljocaj's gang-rape ballet which I will call it until I die.  I imagine the Maestro would never stop throwing up.  I won't even post it, just the link.

So there you go.