Monday, April 5, 2010

Dasniya Sommer

Well here's something you don't see everyday huh? This is Shibari performance artist and yogi (are women who are experts in yoga called yogi's? I know someone who would probably call them ho-gi's but then there's that whole Philly sandwich thing and possible copyright infringement...)

Dasniya Sommer. SHIBARI is a Japanese "art form" of tying up naked women and suspending them so that they can't move. For some reason this sounds more like a felony than an art form but the Japanese have been getting away with shit like this forever, I mean look at Toyota. Shibari is used primarily in the whole bondage scene or BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism - ask your parents, they're probably totally into it by now if they're still together). You're not likely to see much Shibari "art" in a Museum of Fine Arts or even a Museum of Contemporary Art, home of the "Popsicle stick and knee-high in a Dixie cup" installation which will sell for $1,100.00. You're also not likely to see Dasniya Sommer in America. But I found a video of her performance and I thought it was horrible and weird and somehow I liked the aesthetic So  here it is. -Fatova Mingus.

HAA!  There's no video.  I didn't want my name attached to it anymore.

Description: She wears a tutu and point shoes that's it.  Hair dyed blue both uptown and downtown.  AND she ties herself up and suspends herself after walking like a duck in (blue) pointe shoes.  All of this happens to some annoying music full of fits and loud noises. Its not dance, it's not "THIS IS NOT________".  It's some creepy sexual performance in a Times Square-sticky floor-"we really shouldn't be here man"- mad carnival-dead pit bulls in the back room-likely home of a snuff film.and maybe a snuff film has been shot here. 
I hate to admit that I know how to describe such things. 



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