Monday, April 5, 2010

Dasniya Sommer

Well here's something you don't see everyday huh? This is Shibari performance artist and yogi (are women who are experts in yoga called yogi's? I know someone who would probably call them ho-gi's but then there's that whole Philly sandwich thing and possible copyright infringement...) Dasniya Sommer. SHIBARI is a Japanese "artform" of tying up naked women and suspending them so that they can't move. For some reason this sounds more like a felony than an art form but the Japanese have been getting away with shit like this forever, I mean look at Toyota. Shibari is used primarily in the whole bondage scene or BDSM (Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism - ask your parents, they're probably totally into it by now if they're still together). You're not likely to see much Shibari "art" in a Museum of Fine Arts or even a Museum of Contemporary Art, home of the "Popsicle stick and knee-high in a Dixie cup" installation which will sell for $1,100.00. You're also not likely to see Dasniya Sommer in America. But I found a video of her performance and I thought it was great. So here it is. -Fatova Mingus.

Sure, it's sexual, maybe even pornographic but Shibari is going to be perceived as such outside of Japan, so it's basically synonymous. Accept that, and look at what is left: the overall performance: the pointe shoes and ballet tutu (a nice touch), that she died her hair to match them (including her pubic hair which may have required an entire bottle of color on its own); her pretty smile which seems to get lost in a dark expression very quickly and I don't think that's performance; the music which she refuses to let flow with an almost annoying, periodic scratch, some kind of punctuation in the wrong place or jolt out of sexual anticipation which is surely happening when a half naked girl with a hot body is wrapping herself in rope; and....oh, yes... the fact that she is tying herself in this intricate way while hanging upside down is probably a ten on the difficulty scale. The whole performance has a creepy, Times Square, sticky floor, "we really shouldn't be here man", mad carnival feel to it. It's like the "back room" Cirque du Soleil where they just dragged out one dead and one half dead pit bull while something else really wrong is going on in another room and maybe they used to make snuff films here too. She could use a little pointe work though.

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