Wednesday, March 29, 2017

le zacre du printempz

Props to "The Ballet Boyz" for trying to work with The Rite of Spring. They were onto something with the opening but trust goes so far downhill from here that it becomes embarrassing. I understand what they were trying to do: bring the various elements of street culture into Stravinsky's work. I think it was a great idea but a bunch of goth's walking around making faces at each other for 11 minutes isn't even a sacrilege: it's just uncomfortable and weird. It's like a bad German "comedy" sketch from 1939. Pina Bausch couldn't even have fixed it.

Nonetheless, I give the Ballet Boyz credit for using the Rite as the pulse to a street fight, the soundtrack to an update on "West Side Story". And wouldn't Robert Craft just hate it.

-Fatova Mingus


(I think I am the only person with a copy of this...)
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