Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jiri Kylian's Bella Figura

Bella Figura excerpts by choreographer Jiri Kylian to the music of Guiseppe Torelli, Concerto Grosso, opus 8 nr. 6. I wish the film quality was better. This work is light years past beautiful. There is something about contemporary dance against Baroque era music that works for me when it's done this way - not for too long, with constant innovation, not as a comedy or with the music as a juxtaposition to the dance. Also, this is one of those rare pieces where I found the dancers bare breasts to be beautiful and absolutely purposeful somehow, as if bridging the delicate gestures of the music to the harsher ones of the dance itself. Do you understand what I mean?

My first experience with Bela Figura was a small clip of the this very segment with the marionette dancing. Luckily I didn't see come small town dance theater production
but rather the the NDT I, Kylian's own company and this girl "marionette" in particular is frighteningly good. Who thinks of staging such things? One wrong move, one gesture too over-done, one piece too timid and the whole thing sucks. The entire piece is available on my YouTube channel which is linked to the right of the page.