Monday, April 19, 2010

Bejart!.....there's more

Having long ago decided that "The Nutcracker" (aka The Ballbuster), with the exception of Sendak's peacock choreography to the Arabian Dance, is a joke (see previous post), I shut it out. This is something the close-minded do, I really must stop this because as a result, it took me ALL this time to find Maurice Bejart's Nutcracker and not just because it's The Nutcracker. No. I also turned off to Bejart over that comical nonsense he choreographed to Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" in 1970. Have you ever seen that...that....thing? It's hilarious and can't possibly be taken as anything but a goof yet it was and is considered a serious ballet. The Paris Opera Ballet still performs it with Nijinsky's masterpiece restored, a choreography 60 years older that makes Bejarts "modern" dance look like exercise time at some school for massively retarded children (that's what the sign says on the school too). It's embarrassing! If I were a dancer, I could not possibly do Bejart's "Rite of Spring" or "Le Sacre du Printemps", I am not sure what he calls it, especially since The Joffrey resurrected Nijinsky's. So....I formed an opinion on Bejart as I did with The Nutcracker but guess who got whose chocolate on whose peanut butter?

That's right: Bejart took Tchaikovsky's score and did the most outlandish, nothing-to -do-with-anything, fantastic, bizarre "stuff" imaginable that I almost have to wonder if he too thought it as insufferable as I. Just look at that "Chinese Dance"! That's supposed to be Chinamen in pointy hats entertaining Clara and the Nutcracker prince, but its not. And I think Clara is a drag queen. Actually, it's not even Clara and there is no Nutcracker prince but I think we have a drag queen here nonetheless.

I do believe I've forgiven Maurice Bejart for Le Sacre du Printemps. The Nutcracker should never have been more than a kooky circus of drag queens and misfits. If not, then it should not have been done at all.