Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jan Fabre Has Something to Say

Belgian artist, director and choreographer Jan Fabre has a lot to say with his company Troubelyn. Above is dancer Lisbeth Gruwez in Fabre's" Quando l'uomo principale e una donna" I think it's an earlier piece. I'm posting it, in it's fragmented state, because I read that the debut was shocking. She masturbates very openly on the stage while looking at the audience members, one to the next. This is a very challenging thing to do. How many left the performance, I wonder?

Here below is the very interesting Fabre himself (with that annoying ticker tape running under him)talking about his piece with Troubelyn called "ORGY OF TOLERANCE". He toured this show in the states last year. I wish I knew. He'll be back. I'll be there.