Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marie Chouinard

Marie Chouinard spent most of the 1990’s creating avant-gard music interpretations of already well known scores including recreations of Afternoon of the Faun (1994), Le Sacre du Printemps (1993), and 24 Preludes of Chopin (1999). Her early solos caused much uproar in the late 1980’s for their sexual subject matter. In 1980, she was banned from the Art Gallery of Ontario for a scene in Petite Danse sans Nom (Little dance without a name) in which she urinated onstage. She also caused uproar the following year when she auctioned herself off to her audience in Dancer/Performer Seeks 1 Male or Female Lover for one Night, and in 1982’s Marie Chien Noir, where she masturbated onstage.

Marie Chouinard didn't even begin dancing until she was 23. The piece below is an excerpt from The Golden Mean. "Body Remix-Goldberg Variations" is my favorite work of Chouinard's and is posted ahead in this blog. Or you can go to my YouTube page. Just click HERE.