Monday, April 5, 2010

more from jiri kylian

What I love most about Jiri Kylian is the modern dance technique against the baroque appearance in an almost interchangeable way, topped off with the polyphonic music. Hit play and watch the first minute. Then come back. The first time I saw this, I was stunned when the girls stepped away from the dresses but I DID think their movements were outrageously fluid. I love this excerpt from Petit Mort. Yes, the male dancer sort of looks like he just got off the 1973 Loggins and Messina tour bus but in the first 15 seconds of the pas de deux I wouldn't notice if he were Sebastian Cabot. Kylian has some sort of magic in his pas de deux choreography and in these first seconds it nearly seems like trick photography. It was just a sign of things to come from Kylian.

I've finally found the full ballet of Bella Figura in excellent quality which came years after Petite Mort and is nothing short of brilliant. You can see it on my YouTube channel. Just click HERE.