Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pina Bausch: Orpheus & Eurydice (again)

Another segment from Pina Bausch's choreography to Gluck's Orpheus & Eurydice. I said it before when I posted the Overture clip: performance artists play a dangerous game when they attempt to work with opera and I can't think of anyone but Pina Baush who has done something that not only worked but it brilliant. Her choreography to this opera is, in a word, brilliant. Sparse, unusual, somber and when the chorale pieces begin her ensemble performs in unison, big moves, sweeping gestures you could even say, but very simple. She remains true to her style and there is no real uniformity. Perhaps each move that must accentuate the entrance of voices is uniform but nothing ends in unison. Even the dancers' clothes are not entirely the same shades of black.

Originally choreographed in 1975, Bausch agreed to revive and film it in 2005 with the Paris Opera Ballet. These clips are from the television performance on ARTE. Bausch died almost one year ago in June 2009 at age 68. A genius left us. - Fatova Mingus.