Sunday, June 27, 2010

pietragalla closes la tentation d'eve in bordeaux

In March, I made plans - perhaps grandiose plans - to fly to Bordeaux, France and see Marie Claude Pietragalla's solo show La Tentation d'Eve, a clip of which I have placed in this post. I am in awe of her work in this piece and actually, everything she has done. She is simply above the rest. But I guess when your arms and legs are freakishly long everything you do seems better than anyone else has ever done it, even something as simple as tours chaînés. Pietra turns 49 this year and the Bordeaux show ended her spring tour. She danced very little in her company's most recent show "Marco Polo" and so I am guessing she's wrapping it up as a full-on dancer. I wanted to see this show very badly but I didn't have the means to go. Nor did I have the simple luxury of like-minded friends and considering how socially nervous I am, it would have been beyond grandiose for me to think I could have made that trip on my own.

I wrote to her and asked why she has never come to America. I wrote the letter in her language even which is a big deal considering my (ridiculously unfounded) feelings about the French. I, of course, never got a response. If my name had been Klaus and I had written from 1939 Nazi Germany, I would have gotten a phone call and the names and addresses of every Jew she knows...but that's another story. I do believe this woman is one of the most gifted choreographers alive. Fatova Mingus

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