Monday, July 5, 2010

heddy maalem gets is right

And that is an enormous compliment coming from me.

It seems when Maalem, a white man, intitially toured his choreography of all black dancers in my country, whispering began in typical American "we know everything" fashion. Maalem MUST have forced these Afrikans into the dance studio from their jungle homes and rehearsed them at the whip, doncha know. Fat American ladies began telling each other that "Maalem" is African for "Master". Of course I am making most of that up but there was a level of discomfort I suppose with the fact that the African dance troupe is led by a white choreographer.

Heddy Maalem is an Algerian. He was born and raised in Algeria and has been a minority in his country so the truth is - of you want a story - it's the other way around. He just happens to be too old to dance. I'm sure when he was dancing, he stood out like a sonofabitch and that would have made white America feel better I bet. -Fatova Mingus