Wednesday, August 4, 2010

where is rami be'er?

"Infrared" has been repeatedly reviewed as Rami Be'er's most "visually" stunning work and sure, I guess it is if you're stunned by primary colors in triad formation. I think it's the least of the KCDC's repertoire. To be fair, I hold Rami Be'er is such high esteem that it might border on hero worship. I consider the KCDC's work to be somewhat of a spiritual experience. Infrared feels like catechism class though.

The work is based on a poem he wrote when he was young called "the black garden" or something that translates loosely to that, and has no connection to any of the political opinions or writings from which his other choreographies are conceived. And it's extremely obvious. Maybe the dancing is strong, ok, sure. But the KCDC is more than a dance company, it is a concept, I mean they live together on a Kibbutz as the founders of the company, some of them Holocaust survivors, did from its inception. Their work IS statement, depth, provocation, a challenge to complacency and Be'er's choreography is unlike anyone else's as a result. This clip supports that still, he is, fundamentally, unlike anyone else. But I think even Deborah Colker could have come up with this concept and quite frankly, she is a soccer mom. When I first saw her stuff, I thought it was a video outtake from Pat Benetar's "Love is a Battlefield". See for yourself. - Fatova Mingus