Sunday, October 10, 2010

your grandmother's annoying neighbor "bea"

Here we have the most annoying video editing hack job I've ever seen, how about you? This should be an exciting video of Rami Be'er's KIBBUTZ CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY'S Ekodoom production...which is 3rd in line of the most important things for me to see - first being Le Sacre with my father, then Bella Figura this season ( man I can't believe that's happening). And some of these little clips I have never seen before! And I'm not even seeing them because its the Windows Movie Maker Hiccup Edition or something. It's like that annoying woman who lives next to your grandmother with her mothball sweater clipped around her shoulders and a crooked hairpiece that 36 angry bobby pins still can't control taking one bite out of each chocolate in the box and putting it back "oh, GAWD, coconut? who likes coconut? "Orange cream? Ugh!" THAT'S what this is.

A sampling of a fantastic, industrial presentation of a deep emotional work - a brilliant juxtaposition huh? - called "Ekodoom" becomes "That Vile Old Hag Bea With The Mothball Sweater" in under 10 seconds. Sponsored by Windows Movie Maker.

In other news, I have added a couple of new links including Dance Bloggers of which I am now a linked member. I have a feeling I'm not going to last there.