Sunday, December 26, 2010

47 years old

This clip is from the currently touring one-woman show La Tentation d'Eve by Marie Claude Pietragalla about whom much has been written on this blog. Perhaps too much. The show has been released on DVD but I do believe it is on PAL format which does me no good. Typical of the create a DVD in the regional format that suits themselves and the countries around them but excludes America where they are running an advertising blitz for the thing. Perhaps I am not THAT in love with Pietragalla. This segment is one of the most moving things I've ever seen her do and it is so fitting to the theme of this little site. She is performing a piece from Swan Lake but it's "the anti-swan" if ever there was such a thing and she danced the role of Odette in 92 or 95 with the POB so she is very familiar with this ballet. Here, in her usual awkward style, she shows us a broken swan standing in its own shadow and I want more. I want to see the entire performance. But I suspect that, despite her unusual genius and all that separates her from the pack, she has released a PAL video without disclosing as much and I'm not taking one on the chin for 51 Euros to find out.

But can you believe this woman is 47? Seriously....47?