Saturday, December 11, 2010

more on Jan Fabre's Troubleyn

Last year I started watching pieces of anything I could find done by Belgium's Jan Fabre. I posted some pieces from his show "Orgy of Tolerance". Just look for his name to the right and you'll find it. I'm pretty sure that Troubleyn, which is the name of his group of performance artists, has treated "Orgy" like a living thing because I keep finding more excerpts, newer segments and I like that. It is not "a show". It seems to be a concept that just takes shape and breathes on stages all over the world. Including here though I don't think he was on the east coast when he did come to the US.

The clip below...annoying as hell because of the ticker running at the fantastic. It was an interview with Fabre that first interested me over a year ago. The clip underneath that is one of the newest installations to "Orgy of Tolerance" and it is simply amazing.

Jan Fabre is not Swan Lake.