Sunday, February 6, 2011

tomatoes at the french anyone?

How do you load this onto YouTube? How do three hausfraus get it in their head that this is Bela Figura AT ALL? I just wrote about my own conceit and how I can sit in judgment from here on my no-longer-dancing ass but I have a feeling we're all going to be in agreement on this one. Bela FiGURA?? I can just imagine the irritable bowel syndrome Jiri Kylian would suffer were he to accidentally see this. These broads are way past it and they only ever made it to "Thoroughly Modern Millie" in the first place, I mean look at the gesticulating! The one in the front can only dance from the neck up and no one is committing to the arms which is where the entire piece lies.

The choreographer, Jiri Kylian, if you don't already know or haven't gone to look at the short clip I posted below, has these men and women naked from the waste up, covered from the waste down and expressionless which leaves arms and the oddity of his choreography to create dance. At least here in these minutes and you realize it here in this space. At first, yeah, you're taken aback by all the tits, then maybe you're grossed out at how you can't tell the women from the men but THEN you see the strange motions the dancers are doing with their arms. And you realize there is nothing else to dance with! They depend on the flowing of the long red skirt, the contrast of the naked torso and the odd, deliberate movements of the arms. It's another moment of brilliance by Kylian and perfectly timed against baroque which is like threading a needle because man, you can only listen to that for so long. Polyphony is interesting but repetitive and when rappers say they are totally phresh? Listen to baroque, ma, brotha. Three thousand years later its back with expletives over it. But really with extended bouts of early barqoque which is horribly cllose to rennaisance, you need mannequin dancing, breasts, weird arms, half-curtains and have to keep it coming. You need Kylian. It's tricky. And hausfraus from Weehawken in knee-length Butterick pattern skirts with Hanes Her Way camisols half-dancing at the Community Center very quickly feels like Gilbert Gottfried screaming baroque music in my face while I'm trying to do something illegal or sneaky.

This year, for the first time, Bela Figura will be performed in America and in my city. I don't know why because I have watched my city's ballet company try to do something outside of "Swan Lake", or as the old Russian dames called the Russian waltz ballets "ech ta ta", and they are mediocre. They aren't "Bela Go Figure from the Community Center" of course, they are world renowned, but I don't see it. Kylian does, so I defer of course and my ass will be in a seat. I wonder, please god let them do this right, if they will perform this segment properly bare-breasted. I am not a fan of gratuitous nudity but I think its a "must" here.

I don't know anyone in town other than my dad (who I will be taking to Chicago for the 100th anniversary of Le Sacre), who would go with me to see Bela Figura this spring and he'll bitch about the music. He's a jazz musician. If Boston interests you, you should write me. And don't worry, I don't throw tomatoes unless its the French. -Fatova Mingus