Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ekodoom - I can't believe it took me this long to write about it

Having never seen the show live, and I know in my country only a select few can say they have, I have searched out every second of film on this amazing work. I've written about the mystery of Rami Be'er before (choreographer of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company) and the organic passing of the experience of the Survivor. In short, the KCDC, formed under another name and by Holocaust Survivors which included Be'er's parents, has carried a breathing memory in its choreography and in all of Be'er's work I see, having studied it, something of the trauma of Surviving. Now Pietragalla might write much better about this than I as she has an entire beautiful theory on "theater of the body" and body memory...but she is French so perhaps not. Nonetheless, it's in Rami Be'er's choreography, it doesn't seem to come loose as if it were bred into him by his parents and why wouldn't it be. My Russian inability to be wrong insists on existing in me. Surviving the nazis is as organic as anything else and the results of the experience could be passed into your child's art. And thinking. Rami Be'er - and this is only my opinion - choreographs from a place of darkness and mystery and sadness that is both guarded and completely exposed and willing at the same time. You don't know whether or not to reach out but you know you want to.

To the top right of this page is the music from line scene in Ekodoom. It's called E-1 by Process.