Friday, February 1, 2013

The Art Critics Of Youtube

I seldom get into the comments on the dance videos I post on YouTube. I know what I am going to see.  Especially when the video involved contains almost entirely bared breasts as in Marie Chouinard's Body Remix-Goldberg Variations.  But today I couldn't resist.  

The only guy who said anything worth reading was the one who wrote "18 hours but I finally came". 

Go look at the comments on this video. Everyone is an art critic. People like Ninja22 and SwordDude, art critics all.  I'm sure glad they took a moment from their busy lives writing for The New Yorker to leave gems like "this is fucking stoopid" and "you call this art?  this is just fucking retarded.". 

Damn, there is nothing like hillbillies censoring dance or performance art on a YouTube post.  And you know the only reason they were there is because of the "nudity" as YouTube classified it as an "adult" posting.  They were thinking they were going to get good porn on YouTube?  What were these people doing - using blocked public computers at a library?  I'm sorry - liberry. internet at the trailer park, Jethro?

But I would never respond this way to a "YouTube mob".  I could only point out that, yes, you can call anything you create from nothing art.  200 years ago though Marie Chouinard would be hung for this expression.  100 years ago, I could not vote.  60 years ago they called rock and roll noise and said it would never last.  8 years ago Americans said there would never be a black President. 

Arrogant, ignorant opinions become censorship when their volume creates a mob.  A mob will do anything that is wrong in the throes of its own hysteria.  A mob will go along with murder of 6 million Jews.  A mob will dictate what we may and may not call art, may and may not read, what liberties we may or may not have...

The internet runs the risk of becoming a mob with each passing day.

Hilariously, I am no more qualified to weigh in on dance than any YouTube asshole.