Sunday, March 3, 2013

Uwe Scholz Presents: Misogynist Ballet & Gang Rape Set to The Rite of Spring

Jesus Christ!

I finally watched Uwe Scholz's 2003 "Le Sacre du Printemps".  I'm glad this guy is dead. What a fucking piece of shit.

Go to minute 59:21.  This is where, according to the ballet's story, the "Chosen One" is chosen - to dance herself to death.  I see something else entirely. It's a thinly veiled ballet metaphor for gang rape.  The men look like a bunch of frat boys sitting and waiting to pass the whore around but their body language suggests intent to harm, pure hatred, rape to the death.  The dance between the woman and the men isn't even mildly disguised.  It's a fucking gang rape.  The subsequent minutes are symbolic - and just barely - of a victim in shame, shock, trapped in the event, being subjected to societal shunning and reliving the rape again.  It's nothing more than a staged interpretation of a rape victim's trauma and don't look for much dancing from here out.  I suppose by this point Scholz just abandoned the charade altogether.  In the final minutes the Chosen One walks around smiling and nodding like "everything is ok" until she takes a rope in hand and is raised to the rafters in a position reserved for the dead. Suicide.  A painful, horrible suicide from an unbearable emotional trauma.  None of this reminds me of the fertility rite of the original story where the Chosen One dances herself to death to save her people. If Scholz thought he was staying "close enough" to that theme he was thinking it with a smirk on his face.  No choreographer could deny to him or herself what they were truly staging here. Could this be considered a sympathetic view toward a rape victim?  If that's what it was why can't I find any interpretation online saying as much?  What the fuck....

How do people watch this?  How can it be considered a relevant work of art?

Look, I'm sparing you by suggesting you start at 59:21.  The minutes leading up are a crass and hateful inspection and subsequent rejection of each female in the running for "rape victim". It's a shocking scene performed with disgusted expressions on the men.  Now we all know these particular fags aren't going to rape any of these women but they are wildly good at channeling  the misogyny that would precipitate such a thing.  It's a sickening 2 minutes.  Seriously, I hate Uwe Scholz.  I don't know how he died but I hope it was slow and painful.

This abortion is actually marketed on DVD...out of Germany, doncha know.  And performed largely (maybe exclusively, I didn't check) by German ballet companies.  Of COURSE its the Germans.  But still!  This "work" should never have been performed after the debut.  It should have been called out for what it was and stopped.  And banned.

I'm stunned that everything I read on this ballet is about how he borrowed from Bejart a bit - another asshole whose interpretation of Stravinsky's work was simply sexual but at least it was consensual.  Why is no one crying rape on this?

Am I reading too much into it?  No.  Was I victim of a gang rape?  It wasn't a gang, it was two people. And it happened as a result of hitch hiking so misogynistic logic would dictate that I was asking for it.  Uwe Scholz, in my opinion, clearly subscribed to that logic.

I suppose one should be free to choreograph a gang rape.  They should be free to choreograph Nazis skewering Jewish babies with bayonets, an opportunity missed by Scholz I should think.  They should be free to choreograph Africans chained in the bowels of an 1800's slave trading ship, why not.  The thing is no one would stand for those two things.  But the vaguely metaphorical and more accurately simulated dance-rape of a woman by ten men ain't no big thang man.  No big thang. 

After all, look what she was wearing.