Sunday, May 3, 2015

Absentee Blogger

I really ran out of gas on this blog. Eventually, in my search for the unusual danse that wasn't actually a bunch of "dig me" faux artists making odd ball poses on the stages of local of bullshit theaters that are so "off Broadway" they look like they were shot in Dad's garage, I got bored. How much can I criticize? How long can one sustain an arrogant disdain for danse that doesn't echo Nijinsky or Pietragalla or Kylian?

So I stopped posting, did a lot of self-destructive shit, you know how it goes.

Today I sent my mother a clip from La La La Humansteps' "Amelia". I wonder if she will like it. I know people who eat pork rinds and watch "The Kardashians" who like that ballet/film. 

Yesterday I watched Pietragalla in Carolyn Carlson's brilliant piece "Don't Look Back". 

I scanned NYC Ballet and Boston Ballet for something that isn't Balanchine and came up empty.

Tuesday I will be seeing a specialist because I might have cancer.

I had a miracle in my life in 2013 and have since been on very good terms with Jesus. 

I just watched the documentary "Jobriath A.D." and HIGHLY recommend it. Not just because I was high when I watched it, you know, like "it's really good" high.

I am open to suggestions. I will write about anything that is suggested by a reader. Even if it is porn.