Wednesday, May 18, 2016

i know nothing

I love the excitement.  When I look at my YouTube collection of  "Le Sacre" performances - Nijinsky of course - I see all these new comments!  People who are just finding the Riot at the Rite, Stravinsky, the fascination with the unusual choreography and the shock of the Danse Sacrale being a dance to the death.  I stopped looking at my page.  I think I know everything.  I know nothing.

Here is - btw - Margarita Simonova of the Polish National.  Poor quality but SPOT ON.

When I read peoples' comments on how the music is scary or the dance is so dark or how they are having to learn The Rite of Spring for music class and want to know backstory, etc...I am energized.  I suppose that is how it is with people who live in a vacuum or who run out of steam on something.  You go back and take a look at it - and it is all new all over again.