Tuesday, June 7, 2016

stravinsky's divide

Ozawa conducted the Chicago Symphony in a 1968 recording of The Rite of Spring which is so jarring and mind-boggling.  The tempo actually brings even more anxiety and fear to the piece, if that is actually possible.   It feels like you are running to catch up with it from the first note to the last.  This recording, in fact, was Stravinsky's favorite. 

The excerpt I am posting is from the "Glorification of The Chosen One". 

I am  also going to give you the same piece of music with the Nijinsky choreography as it was performed for the first time since 1913 by The Joffrey Ballet.

Indulge me.

Ozawa conducted the piece at such a tempo as could never leave space for the choreography.  But I like to compare the two and imagine...what if?