Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Весна священная

Мариинский театр Сценарий: Игорь Стравинский, Николай Рерих Декорации и костюмы: Николай Рерих (1913) Реконструкция хореографии и постановка: Миллисент Ходсон Реконструкция декораций, костюмов и авторский надзор: Кеннет Арчер В роли Избранницы — Александра Иосифиди

or in English

Mariinsky Theater Script : Igor Stravinsky , Nikolai Roerich Sets and costumes : Nicholas Roerich (1913 ) Reconstructed and staged : Millicent Hodson Reconstruction of scenery, costumes and architectural supervision : Kenneth Archer in the role of the Chosen - Alexander Iosifidi

This is a new program with Iosifidi and not the horror show first released on video.  This is Iosifidi.  She is adorable.

Well...for some reason that RUSSIAN site wasn't allowing the view via embed, so here is the link and I urge you to watch.

This is a find.