Tuesday, November 1, 2016

There Is Joy In It - Sometimes

I don't know her name and I stumbled on College Saint Exupery -which is this company - during my 20 hours of obsessive "Le Sacre" image collection at a point where I was tired of looking at the shots.

Then I saw this dancer, this Chosen One, a probable unknown, taking her bow and the happiness on her face is like nothing I have ever seen.  Iosifidi, Jupowicz, Petushkova, Azzoni...they may have beamed like this once but as with all professions, the shine comes off.  The smile is empty and in place as part of the job.

But this is beautiful and optimistic and my dear Chosen One...even if you stumbled through the entire Dance Sacrale and could not keep up with Stravinsky I can over look it simply for this moment captured on film: