Sunday, October 23, 2016

100 Years Of Bloopers (original post 1/13/2013)

Why, why god, WHY is the Marinsky's lackluster version of Nijinsky's choreography to Igor Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" the only DVD available?  I can't say enough bad stuff about that performance though I have tried and you need only look through this blog to find it.  

But there are worse things than Russia's celebrated ballet company walking through that miracle of modern dance as if on an Ambien overdose.  Much worse.  Let's have a look, shall we?'s a clip of the English National Ballet performing god only knows WHOSE choreography which looks like a Zumba class being interrupted by a Dead Head.

And check out this chooch Salvatore Aiello of The Nashville Ballet Company equating his choreography with Stravinsky's composition.  I'm surprised the orchestration wasn't rewritten to accommodate a jug band.  You only need to invest in the first minute to laugh.

And now here's something!  Gloria Contreras blatantly ripping off everyone from Pina Bausch to The June Taylor Dancers in a car accident of a choreography:

Here's Italy's version from Renato Zanella.   All that's missing is the pole and the horny drunk guys.  And maybe a doctor

I can't take anymore.  It's seems like every choreographer believes it their obligation to take a rip roaring dump on Le Sacre du Printemps to prove that they can interpret Stravinsky.  For fuck sake if you want to align yourself with the Maestro that badly stick to Petrouchka. The Rite is not something to be desecrated by any random asshole who took tap, ballet and jazz for 10 years at their local dance studio then made it through a year of pro-classes under someone in the big city.

Once Hodson and Archer's reconstruction of Nijinsky's original work was presented by the Joffrey in 1987 it should have been understood that Le Sacre was le sacred and, unless you're willing to go shithouse on it in a complete breakaway like, say The Ballet Boyz, it would be a sacrilege to drag it down with mediocre interpretations from south of the Mason-Dixon and well well...someone is back to waxing single-mindedly on Nijinsky. 

I suppose because I bought my ticket to see The Joffrey perform it in this, the 100 year anniversary of the 1913 debut, I am going to become once again insufferable.corrigible.