Monday, December 12, 2016

where there is a hero

Have you ever admired someone so much and still do  but get so pissed off at what they are doing that you have to take a literary bat to them then realize you made an ass of yourself because you didn't have the facts?

No? This idiot has. The fact that I live in a clothes dryer sort of bears out the "idiot" thing.
Millicent Hodson was getting a beating from me.  I know that.  I based it on false facts.  Everything about this frigging ballet is a guessing game.  But the community of judges and experts are all in agreement:  it's not Nijinsky.  It's Hodson's "invention" though they are courteous enough to call it a "reconstruction".  I call it bullshit.

It is the restoration of Nijinsky 

Originally, she and Ken Archer and Robert Joffrey reconstructed Vaslav Nijinsky's choreography, Le Sacre du Printemps...a "myth" that no one could have imagined.  A "riot" that no one knew about.  A ballet fable that turned out to be true.


Nijinsky stepped so far away from the convention of 1913 and (myth or not) once reconstructed, once recovered -  it raised the bar for creative dance in 1987.  When any work of art can reach out of obscurity 80 years forward and change everything, it's an event in a spiritual sense.  It's a gift. Yes it is genius and groundbreaking and allll the things I ever posted here or on video uploads yes yes it is those things but more....
(Stravinsky 1910)

Vaslav Nijinsky left an inheritance that defies the constraints of the word.  Stravinsky, Roerich and Diaghilev, not knowing it then, were creating something so game-changing that it couldn't be believed.  An exaggerated tale.  But it wasn't. 

A 29 year old man changes musical history leaving 3/4 time behind.  A ballet is created from Russian folklore with the morbid and maniacal twist of the maiden dancing herself to death.  Nijinsky choreographs something even further reaching: an anti-ballet, a rage against conformity in movement.  It was an explosion of change!

Too much change.  Riot.  A few more performances.  Slow curtain, the end.

Nijinsky took the hit, someone had to, really.  He spent his later life in and out of hospitals with schizophrenia which was probably just taking form at the time of Le Sacre.  80 years pass. And an "archeology of art" begins:

Robert Joffrey would raise the dead and return the myth of Le Sacre to the yardstick by which ballet genius is measured right before he himself died in 1988.

Millicent Hodson and Ken Archer -  the "archeologists" give years of their lives to the tedious job of confirming the existence then restoring a ballet no one could have planned for: a masterpiece far away from any expectation, smoldering, still alive from its own brilliance.  They effectively did bring him to life

Yes, there was some guess work to it.
To call it " Le Sacre du Printemps, Nijinsky choreography as reconstructed by Hodson and Archer" was...acceptable.  But listen to me...

the guess work was not so great that HODSON and ARCHER should be pushed around by the danse community and let me tell you....I am searching for the "original Chosen Ones" and there is all pure negativity about these two.  I thought they were jerks for a moment but now I don't.  I found the truth. 

If you think it is not authentic, prove it.  Prove Le Sacre du Printemps.  You can't.  And it is not "guess work".  It's FAITH.

A story like this interests guys with baseball hats and girls with cigarettes hanging out of their months it is THAT interesting.  It can't be made up.  I used to think she was stealing Nijinsky with the choreographic name change.  It's the other way around. She was forced to.

ANNND the trouble starts.   Most of this blog is making fun of idiot choreographies to The Rite. I got thrown off of a Dance Collaborative for talking smack about someone.  Probably Uwe Scholz.  Really.  You can watch that shit show of his set to "The Rite" which should carry consequence - and doubt the Hodson/Archer/Joffrey Nijinsky? 

Art can not die.  Lies do not last.  History waits patiently and legacy will rise from those things - and Nijinsky's ghost isn't going anywhere.

Forgive me.  I swung my bat in the wrong direction.  I have to stop swinging that thing.,...

(top photo of me in performance)