Monday, October 10, 2016

I Am The Vessel Through Which Le Sacre Passed

I did a report on Igor Stravinsky in the 6th grade.  In my house there was always music and it was usually Frank Zappa, Coltrane, some other stuff...and Stravinsky.  Always there was Stravinsky.  My father would play the Rite or Firebird and - being the 70's I imagine stoned - he would create a pas de deux on the fly.  The lights dimmed, our feet making sparks from the static of the shag rug.  I fell in love with the wild dancing and rug sparks and believed the Rite of Spring was made for this kind of stuff.  Ballet shenanigans.  I was young.  But I was onto something.

Igor Stravinsky's interviews on "the Riot" are incredibly amusing.  This first is my favorite:


It is here, in this interview later in life (Janos Darvas) - a time where he was connecting to God - where he referred to himself as simply the vessel through which Le Sacre passed.  Amazing.

I was just a weird kid who became a rebellious teenager, an undisciplined dancer, a half ass musician, a seldom-paid writer and a self-proclaimed authority on Le Sacre du Printemps.

I suppose you could call me a shit head.  If I were Millicent Hodson that's what I would call me.