Thursday, December 29, 2016

Because She's A Ballerina (dear iosifidi)

I have never been a fan of Alexandra Iosifidi as the Chosen One in Nijinsky's "Le Sacre du Printemps".  Her performance was released on DVD so it is everywhere.  I made my wisecracks, tossed my opinion around because I am no one in that world and who would read what I wrote?   Then I watched a clip of Erica Lynette Edwards, Chosen One for years, of the Joffrey.  She spoke of unlearning ballet.  And it is true.  Look at the positions all through it:

(Mira Olilla)

It opposes ballet and I imagine it offended people 100 years ago and there's your riot. So how did those girls "unlearn"? 

So I decided to look at Iosifidi in other roles.  Here is what I found.

The Firebird.  This is not a contemporary piece.  It is expressive and intense and elegant.  There she is, meeting all those requirements.
I can't remember the name of this.  Starts with a B?  But again, she is exact and elegant.

And last, another ballet I do not know,  but look at her face.  She is not an expressionless dancer. And in Le Sacre, you have to be that,  She can't.  Look:

She is an expressive ballerina and and it shows in the long minutes after she is Chosen. 
She is not a good Chosen One.
She is a graceful dancer.
Ask any Chosen One where grace and elegance fit in that solo...

Lesson learned,