Thursday, January 19, 2017

oh crap and other assorted dance news

I did a search on Google for something about Marie Claude Pietragalla and thought for sure one of my two blogs would come up in the first ten pages but wouldn't you know it was packed with polished sexy photos of Pietra. 

She had "jazz hands" in one of them. So I quickly watched her silent solo from Souviens Toi "ritual style" - like how you brush your teeth after throwing up. Seriously though: this clip is brilliant.


I watched a video of "Le Train Bleu", the 1924 ballet which could be more aptly called Le Train Wreck (yeah that was too easy). Evidently when you mix such avant garde artists as Jean Cocteau, Bronislava Nijinska, Pablo Picassoand Coco Chanel you get...

The Ziegfield Follies!

There was nothing redeeming about this...thing?

Yes cubism was new and fresh and sure I could appreciate all the "ahead of its time"ism that was going on, but I can also appreciate gin and, say, chocolate milk.  I wouldn't, however, mix them together and try and pass it off as a cocktail.  That's what "Le Train Bleu is.  Gin and chocolate milk. 

The Russian apple, it seems, can fall so far from the damn tree that it doesn't even resemble fruit and Bronislava Nijinska is proof. If Vaslav was the crazy son it was only because she was so boring by contrast. Saving grace: the fantastic Clotilde Vayer, one of the earlier "Chosen Ones" from the boy-Nijinsky's masterpiece.  You know, I have seen only one photo of her in performance, little else of her other dance work. I wrote to her and she told me to tuck it.  Ok, she didn't do that, she just ignored me but isn't that how the French say "tuck it"?  

Slow curtain, powder room, flickering lights, curtain up.

Next...don't watch videos of Martha Graham performing because you will become so single-minded over her genius that even her brilliant Company which has never given in to commercialism (bravo!) will seem like a bad pantomime.  See:

Watching the 1929 clip of "The Heretic" while clicking my heels and saying "there is no one like Martha" might have had something to do with this whole thing, I don't know.  But it's like the song says: "don't click your heels and think of Martha Graham, baby".

Yeah.  There is,um, no such song.

Lastly, I found this Stefano Teresi photo of Gaia Straccamore, Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, in Petrouchka and thought it worth posting.  I had the pleasure of a short email exchange with her.  If you have read this blog you know that she is - in my estimation - not so much chosen as compelled. 

 And scene.
( Fatova Mingus)