Monday, December 19, 2016

You Could End Up A Disgusting Korean Cartoon Whore

I've made some mistakes since trying to involve myself in a world where I really don' t belong.  I was once an 80's chick singer (gross) and weird performance artist.  Which is actually cool.

Mistake#1:  I went on Forums and read over and over that Millicent Hodson can not call Nijisnky's choreography HIS.  She may call it hers because she made so much of it up.
At the time, I fell for it.  I posted ridiculous commentaries: like the kind I usually reserve solely for Preljocaj.  This is a woman who has devoted her life to the preservation and performance of something so groundbreaking - and backbreaking

Mistake #2:  I was uninformed and unkind.  I saw her as Royalty since I first saw Le Sacre du Printemps.  I mean...look at the YEARS she and Archer put into the excavation of this game changing ballet!  And she is still devoting her life to it, taking it on the chin from her peers to the nobodies. But when I  saw that "Le Sacre by Millicent Hodson as inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky" was the new kid in town, I went full on with the Fatova tongue that should have but cut out at birth.  It was borderline harassment the way these Forum assholes commented with such authority on this "adjustment" to the (wrong) Le Sacre credit. And I picked up the stick they had poking at them all along. I recognized their behavior as disgusting because I too have done it.

(I wonder what I look like as a
Disgusting Korean cartoon Prostitute?)

Mistake #3: I didn't know the political world of ballet.  I don't know much at all.  My goal for years with my blog was to get people who watch "Family Guy" to watch ballet and it had to be mental and cool so:  Nijisnky's "Le Sacre du Printemps"!  Though some needed the prodding of Chouinard's nipple stuff to get there.  I should not have gone further than that..but...I had to.   There HAD to be an Archive of "The Chosen Ones".

Mistake#4:   Trying to engage with the ballerinas who performed as The Chosen One. Once the contact and pictures happened with a number of dancers -  it was done.  I wanted to know more!  Perhaps I was star struck?  Perhaps...please.  I WAS.  I AM! I know now that I am just a woman collecting pictures.   Ms Hodson - who was too gracious over my poor insight and horrible posts against her- helped me with the archiving of The Chosen Ones.  She also said that I should get a degree in dance history because a degree opens more doors.  And she was right.

Mistake #5:  I have incorrectly contacted some "known" dancers about the Chosen One archive.  Response:  "You should be careful not to refer to it as Nijinsky;s,  It is not his.  Do not say "reconstructed by Millicent Hodson". "  It was the  superior tone that I recognized easily:  accuse rather than admit your own shortcomings.  They couldn't dance the role, next best thing perhaps is to tear it down. I did not engage  I did nothing. It is a rotten business when people on the inside condemn someone even FURTHER on the inside - the people who delivered the ballet. 

(insert mean ballerinas here)

Mistake #6:  If you see  even ONE of your YOUTUBE posts carrying comments that just repeat your name over and over, usually in Chinese...shut it down.  My entire channel was high-jacked, the content changed...

I am now known as Fatova the Disgusting Korean cartoon Prostitute. I guess I deserve it.  There are fart sounds all over a video of my father doing a lecture. 

Maybe I feel embarrassed over the mistakes I made trying to find a way in to begin this collection.   Never as much as I feel it over that 80's chick singer picture but yeah, this is a raw admission of being an ACTUAL PHILISTINE!