Monday, January 9, 2017

this is the raft of the medusa

I was contacted, in Italian which I do not understand, by Federicapaola Capecchi, the artist behind the above work. I believe the contact was to correct my comments on Youtube about this video which read, in part, as follows:

Here, Federicapaola Capecchi, in this performance piece, captures the desperation, suffering and death these people must have experienced but through exploitation and suffering of a sexual nature rather than simply portraying people reaching at the sky and clawing at their faces and stuff like that, the pedestrian approach. I think it's brilliant to come at it this way. I am, of course, interpreting the work. The story is so tragic and unimaginable that the slow speed of the film seems to be the only possible way to convey the horror of it. And even's probably not even remotely close.

But it's hard to tell what we are saying to each other through Google Translate only that it is in good spirit and so thank you for contacting me and letting me know that I probably missed the mark on my assumptions of the aforementioned work. When I found it though, I was moved deeply because The Raft of the Medusa is a story that has haunted me since the day I heard of it. I once wrote a piece on it once:

 The Raft of The Medusa may be one of the most horrifying and hateful moments in history.  I wrote an article HERE.   I won't get into it here but to say this:  When the Meduse ran aground in 1816 the Captain who  caused it placed the people of upper class in a lifeboat and the lesser people on a makeshift raft, tied to the life boat with almost no provisions.  When the unrest began, he cut the line.  He sent 147 people on a raft, near the equator with no provisions.  This is like on a Hitler scale of eins to zehn its a  

Fifteen men were found on the raft with some cannibalized corpses.  Ten survived.  And through them, through their recall Gericault's painting emerged, full scale, grotesque and frightening.  Some were repulsed, some thought it bearkthrough...all thought it a crime with no punishment.

Go read it on my other blog.  This video by Cappechi embodies the slow, torture of death ,anguish and baseness of what it may have been like. 

I do not understand why there have been no other works on this subject.
crammed into a small place with others