Saturday, January 7, 2017

why do you hate jan fabre?

I am a fan of much of Jan Fabre's work.  He uses unstructured dance and sexuality or anti-sexuality in his performance art. 

Jan Fabre is a performance artist with a minor in choreography.  And with that comes some highly experimental leaps, some of which go too far for some people.  I guess he had a piece where he threw a cat some years back and people hate him for it and refuse to watch anything he has since done.

I think Woody Allen is a prick for sleeping with the child he was raising with Mia Farrow, albeit not related, but he is a genius and I still watch his films.

And performance artists take huge risks for instance Marina Abramovic's "The Biography Remix 2005".

And don't forget that the great choreographer Marie Chouinard ended her first one-person performance by pissing on the stage.

Ok...I'm not down with throwing cats but Fabre is as much of a risk-taker as Chouinard and Abramovic. 

Here is Another SLeepy Dusty Delta Day.  Fascinating.