Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Lost Chosen One


If the words "Joffrey" "Le Sacre du Printemps" "Chosen One" Beatriz Rodriguez or  Heather Aagard  (who took that role on without recognition or visual documentation)...I have either written to you or are writing again.

I've been collecting these images and performances since 2007.  But now I sort of want to full it out completely: weird obsession or labor of love?


Dancers from Beatriz to Margarita Simonova who had the courage to step into the roughest solo a dancer could tackle should be credited and not only is this a short list it is wild with breadth: from the famous "Yanowsky's" to the unknown "Agaards".

But they are all equal!  Maybe some sucked, so what!  The greatest dancers would not take that solo.  It was the unique dancer organically and oddly connected to  Nijinsky's fading and vindicated voice who dared to do it.  What is it: 139 leaps in 5 minutes? 

It is not an often performed ballet!

Now,  living back in Boston - where Le Sacre will never be done as there is no venue with a pit to hold 80 musicians and a stage to support 42 dancers under the same roof - I understand the logistical nightmare.  "NIJINSKY's "Le Sacre du Printemps" as recovered by Hodson, Archer and Joffrey is a miracle.  Really, we have no right to ask for more than that first Joffrey performance in 1987.  

But Heather Agaard has the right to ask for a mother-, a fuc- A PICTURE.  Herbert Migdoll, Joffrey Archives, Joffrey Directors, mail clerks and janitors are all silent.

I won't stop until I get her photo.  It took me 6 years to find BEATRIZ RODRIGUEZ and its STILL not enough in my book.  That girl should have received much more recognition than she did.  But this...this photo is beautiful, right (Beatriz, Robert Joffrey, Millicent Hodson)?  HOW EXCITING!

So Beatriz lit my fury and Heather stoked it but - like I said - it is a labor of love for me and if I never talk to or hear from another person in the ballet world I will push on. I have been for years.

Hurling myself over the shag carpet in the dark to "THE NAMING AND HONORING...", killing time til "Under Dog" came on was going to play out somewhere...

Unfortunately, it was on Photoshop.

I was a lousy musician and gave up dance for pot. 
 (top photo Carole Valleskey, one of the Joffrey originals,1987)