Sunday, January 8, 2017


I am calm and inclusive ALWAYS with the folks who comment on my "Le Sacre" videos and blogs.  It is about sharing for me.  Some comments are rude...but they watched it!  So who cares?  Lately...the comments are delivered with arrogant authority but full of semi-accurate facts.  Don't bring a knife to a gun fight with me on this topic.  But if you do, I will show every kindness in discussion while trying to disarm you.

Today I just pulled the trigger. Screw the effort of inclusivity.
WHY is it so important for people to tear at the Nijinsky choreography?  This was the greatest "anti"moment in music and dance.  If you can't're like the echo of a 1913 Parisian patron, losing your manners because your superiority and command of all things is shaking under your feet.

That's pretty dramatic I know..

But think about it...don't we respond defensively when we are confused or feel like we are inept or less than what we believed?  Yes.

For is about finding humility.  It's a sonofabitch man.  I am following Jesus and trying to be gentle with assholes because He is gentle with THIS asshole.  I try to connect to the music student attacking me on my YouYube  "Le Sacre" channel, bring him out of his head and into his soul because that is where art, music, creation and love exist! I feel responsible on this.

But I lost my composure:

Hey...HEY!   Look...everyone stop trying to blow holes in the accuracy of the reconstruction.  It is all we have, it is likely accurate and only Stavinsky and Roerich could have filled in the holes with any authority.  Why do you need to kick the reconstruction around?  Because you read other people doing it on Google?  Did you "cut and paste" other peoples' pedestrian comments onto this YouTube page? These people - Hodson and Archer - deserve nothing but respect.  Anything less is not only insulting to them, it is like denying Nijinsky again.  Forget facts.  He did.  So did the Maestro.  This was the anti everything and it is sacred as a result.  You have to approach the "is it real or not" thinking spiritually, organically.  Get out on the edge with some "anti-logic" and don't kill Nijinsky a 2nd time.  If we think he was not involved in this historical recovery of Le Sacre, we are just shallow and soulless thinkers, all. Be grateful and respectful of the reconstruction of Le Sacre du Printemps and the restoration of Nijinsky's genius, nearly denied for all time.  Man.  You people like to tear everything which you do not understand into pieces that make you feel better. Go watch Fantasia.  That's the extent of your grasp on The Rite of Spring and you have no business commenting on dance as I have none on music theory for which I am - at this moment - grateful.

And there, my few readers, is the philistine.