Thursday, March 30, 2017

Two Rival Tribes

Russia continues to stroll through ACT 1.

Here are a couple of examples, Mariinsky against Joffrey.  You have to watch the maidens...they just walk to their next position, no sync, no "us", no tribe.  If it were not for Pavlenko they would, in my estimation, be a disaster. Says your Russian comrade.  We are a people who can run cold.  

Being offset with Hungarian blood, I know the difference between doing a ballet and BEING a ballet. 

That is what the Joffrey has: the Nijinsky Inheritance.  They dance as one people and I am telling you..Millicent Hodson worked/works equally with these companies.

The Joffrey will always own it. 

Sorry Russia.

Your bored compatriot,