Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kirsi Said....

What a pleasure it is to find a dancer from 20 years ago who performed as The Chosen One 2 times...TWO TIMES...and put together a little 2 minute video of her feelings on those 5 minutes in the circle.  Kirsi Tiilijarju of Finnish National Ballet Helsinki did not have a photo of herself as was the case up until the last few years.  Man.  Dancers were not treated well in the early 1990's in some of these companies.  Sort of like the Soviet Union and their Olympiads. Property.  These dancers also have no photos among others and I do not know the reasons:


Anyway, there were no photos of Kirsi  because she was "no one".  Also the value of the Hodson&Archer reconstruction had really not been assessed yet.  So...we we used blurred images of other performers to make points, credits at end of course.  It was her passion...her statement....that made it beautiful.  She did not record:  I used text.  And still...what a nice feeling for me. Click on the link above.  Worth it.

Also today I found - the thing that keeps me so attached to Le Sacre - NEW COMMENTS on the Joffrey 1987 performance.  I have the oldest video on YouTube and it pops up first so I get the myriad of philistines weighing in with awe.  Or judgment from contrarians of which I am loath to admit I can be.  AND then there are the professional musicians who pontificate about the meter or the poor recording.  Why do trained musicians behave with such superiority?

I like to direct those arrogant comments to a younger musician, still in school, who writes "Fuck, this is good but I hate playing it".

Remember where ye come from.

Kirsi asked me why I do this.  Why am I so connected to Le Sacre du Printemps, why do I know so much, did I dance, did I study.  It's hard to explain the connection without sounding like a Le Sacre "groupie".

I will be disappointed if no other dancers give me a few statements to create a video for THE HODSON ARCHER EXPERIMENT because the reality with me is that I will burn out on something.  I will burn out on this.  I'll take time away, do something else with fervor...but with Le Sacre I always return.

You know I studied WWII in the European Theater, mostly the camp liberations, and wrote Holocaust Memoir reviews?  I found 4 fakes in 41 books.  Then I lost interest.  Of course, there are no new memoirs.

But there is always something to learn.