Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Firebird Finale

I started looking at an old paper I had on the theoretical analysis of Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite", 1911.  I got a head ache.  I had a glass of wine. I don't want to sully that last 60 seconds with metre and harmonics and diatonics. 

When I was little I heard the end of the Firebird a lot.  The reel to reel seemed to only play the last 4 minutes.  But that last 60 seconds:  that chromatic (?) chord progression, the accelerando ending with the Stravinsky had a beautiful soul.

Akram Khan somehow missed that with iTmoi.  Among a lot of other things.

Stravinsky had deep faith. You heard it in those progressions as in Symphony of Psalms:  Always a moment where suddenly the blackest clouds open and a ray of sun punches through.  And that moment was perfected in the Firebird finale.

I used to think that when it was time to go to heaven - because when you are 7 you think it's that easy - that it would sound like those 60 seconds: God opening the sky chromatically and I would fly up to Him during the strings of that last note.  And I would be wearing my First Holy Communion dress with matching purse.

I am older now.  But I still love God and I pray I am living in the example of His only begotten Son. A lot of time I fail but I don't give up.   

Cuz I still want to go heaven to The Firebird finale.

(Sarah Ioannides conducting her brains out in video)