Thursday, April 20, 2017

Throw Away Girls

 The Hodson Archer Experiment 

New collection. Distracts me from the injustice of so many dancers not even documented in a Company's archive.

New Collection.

I just felt that - while I have the energy - let's assemble important video clips , content with Hodson and Archer's wisdom in small direct doses with credited sources?  And what about tribute video messages? Yes.  "Dear Millicent..." is for anyone.  I have two so far, (ok so one was mine) working on one, another on deck. 

I have gone against my better judgment and signed into a dance forum for their archive info.  The whole "Nijinsky choreography" crap gets under my skin and it is HARD to keep my mouth shut.

If this were 1984 in Budapest I wouldn't care. But it is not.

Please contact me if you would like to make a statement via a 1 minute video of photos.  I will incorporate your spoken comments or use text.

I can't stress enough...I will run out of gas for a while.  So use me now!

(artist Hodson)

And by the way, its all stitched up in the only "Rite of Spring" investment I have not found insulting to the Maestro, Eric Hofbauer's "Prehistoric Jazz".  Who is family acquaintance.

Companies did not treat dancers with respect in the 1990s, did they?  Castoffs..  You were either "the Pietragalla" or you were nameless dancer in the photo WITH "the Pietragalla" whoever that may have been.  I have picked through a few companies who started Le Sacre in 1993 and still do it.  You can NOT find he corp dancers names until around 2006.  

Perhaps its computers, I don't know.  I know when the Interpol went from paper to computer it was thorough.  Small town halls in the middle of nowhere did it. Eh.

I wonder if I am doing this as a catharsis for some childhood rejection....